Pregnancy Insurance

Pregnancy requires considerable expenses throughout the world, and it is extraordinarily costly in Singapore. Married couples who purchase comprehensive insurance coverage at the appropriate time have the opportunity to pass the maternity period without hassle and worry. Our health insurance plans provides cover for the maternity costs and provides coverage at any facility of your choice in Singapore and in any part of the world. Obtain the best pregnancy coverage plan from Medical International. 

Nothing matches the joy of carrying your own child. Time of pregnancy is tough because of expensive medical bills. The medical costs are continuously rising and hence the requirement for a comprehensive plan becomes more and more important.

The Normal Delivery

It is unwisely to end up spending all the hard earned money to pay for expensive medical bills incurred during delivery. The comprehensive plan will assist you to easily pay for these bills. Hence, we urge you to consider the maternity coverage we provide. The health plans offered by us would ensure coverage in hospitals of Singapore as well as across the globe.

A normal Health Insurance Cover is not enough

Presently, the average period of pregnancy is increasing. Women over the age of 30 are giving birth to their first child. The reason is their professional career which is top most priority in earlier ages. Younger women take much to settle. According to the census, the delay is increased exponentially in this year in comparison of previous 4 years. Unfortunately, most of health insurance firms do not provide pregnancy coverage for this age group anymore. 

Delay cause issues in pregnancy. There is more risk to life in process of labor to these women. The body of this age of women is not sufficient for childbearing. Doctors also discourage pregnancy at this age. There are number of benefits of pregnancy at younger ages. 

Singapore is more costly than other countries regarding health services. Hence, the rising risks and costly medical services points towards obtaining a comprehensive insurance plan in order mitigate the exponential medical bills. 

The pregnancy insurance involves 2 types of insurance plans;-

1.    Standalone maternity plan
2.    Maternity plan as a value-added feature with basic health insurance plan.

Which one is best from the above two policies?

The waiting period is generally longer in a standalone pregnancy would increase the insurance provider’s liabilities compared to shorter waiting period in comprehensive coverage. In certain cases, the cost incurred for delivery may be similar to the price incurred for the pregnancy insurance. Hence, a standalone insurance coverage isn’t the best option.

Medical International has no standalone policy. We offer a comprehensive insurance coverage with various benefits which is inclusive of all aspects of pregnancy. We effectively render our services either in Singapore or worldwide without any delay.

Childbirth Insurance

​Medical costs get higher as the complications increase; but we’ve got you covered, you can add up other value-added options, whether it is C-section or possible complication in pregnancy. Medical international’s premium plans will give you peace of mind. Mandatory medical checkups in gestational period and other required treatments following delivery period, can be added up to the plan. Hence, there is increasing demand of comprehensive coverage.

Another thing is the acquisition of insurance policy at early stage. Once pregnancy is concluded, the coverage would proceed to extend protection after that. In the case of health insurance; it is advisable to obtain it an earlier stage rather than pushing it back where there are increased limitations to the policies.

Obtain a premium plan from us now and avoid possible risks and higher costs of pregnancy that may possibly affect your financial situation. Medical International offers child medical protection up to certain period of time following the delivery. You have the option to select your delivery hospital and experts. Get a complete protection plan and we will make certain your ease of mind. 

Medical International recommends obtaining of its insurance at the earliest, at least 2-4 years prior to the conception. Medical International has the best policy to cater your needs under your budget. We are working in partnership with 9 insurance providers that offer certain specialized solutions. Obtain a quote today.

Specifics of Health insurance policy 

​Majority of the schemes doesn’t cover doctors’ fee for Antenatal (pre-birth examinations). Even if it is paid then the best medical facilities will be out of choice. If you have selected a private hospital because of safe delivery then a health insurance scheme covering expensive treatment of such facilities would be required. Otherwise, you would have to bear the heavy burden of hefty fees. Medical International provides top-notch comprehensive health insurance package with pregnancy-associated treatment modalities in Singapore and worldwide.

Best Maternity Health Insurance

Irrespective of the condition of pregnancy; Medical International is there to assist you in all of your crucial needs, even if the baby has any congenital anomalies or any other complication. Obtain a quote for a comprehensive health policy now!

Full Health Coverage

​Medical International has numerous maternity schemes with minimal restrictions and many added services, which is comprehensive enough to include C-section deliveries, delivery fees and neonatal care. We offer you the opportunity to add up pre-natal consultation charges and scanning procedures done during the time of pregnancy in hospitals located locally as well as internationally.

Medical Outpatient Services

​The health insurance plans offered by us provide coverage during any ill-health encountered that has no relation with the pregnancy and requires hospitalization.

Medical International health insurance schemes offer private rooms for each patient, keeping the privacy of patients, in Singapore as well as worldwide. You would also receive the freedom to select your treating physicians the hospital and the healthcare provides.

Coverage for Mother and baby

​The plan extends beyond the cost incurred during delivery and parental period. From the initial day of the plan, you and your child receive the best protection. Maternity policies are inclusive of medical treatment for the new born if needed in the case of congenital anomalies and possible complications.

Waiting Periods

​Medical International Health Insurance schemes offers the lowest waiting periods for any health insurance scheme in Singapore as well as worldwide. There is no requirement to plan ahead of time as you can obtain protection from the initial stage of pre-pregnancy till the completion of it.

Helping Hand

​Our experienced professionals would elaborate how the waiting period influences your policy. Get in touch with us to get to know more about our plans and the benefits you can obtain. Provide us with certain basic information and we would tailor solution according to your demands. 

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