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Make an enquiry online at Medical International today, we will offer you a couple of health insurance quotes for you to compare. We offer you an international private health insurance scheme, which in many ways, is one of the best health insurance plans in the world. Attesting to this is the few prestigious awards we have won. We offer our clients a wide variety of global health insurance products. Many of our schemes are designed with foreigners and locals in minds. No matter whether you are a resident of the Singapore or elsewhere, be rest assured that our insurance plan will have you well-covered.

Health Insurance in Singapore

A good diet and regular exercises is critical in maintaining the health and fitness. Exercising also prevents diseases and greatly decreases the risk of health problems. However, unforeseen and unexpected circumstances can also be a critical issue. We need to be prepared in order to fight these unexpected problems and circumstances.

Medical International offers a service like none other in Singapore and worldwide. Our services are trustworthy and effective. There are many competing health insurance providers in the market. However, Medical International stands out due to our level of excellence. If you request for a Health Insurance quote, you will then realize that premium medical care is just within reach. If you want your family to feel safe, and if you want them to have the best insurance plan, then look no further than Medical International.

If you are coming to Singapore from another country, then you should consider a health insurance plan, because health insurance is a must-have fall back because there is always a risk of medical adversaries. For that, you need to ensure that the insurance plan you opt for is affordable and that it covers many health-related problems. It should be there to help you in times when you get sick or when you get injured. Medical International literally covers every aspects of this.

Do You Really Require Health Insurance Quotes?


Global Health insurance is ideal for frequent travellers and foreigners as you would receive comprehensive health coverage from the respective country’s health care system. This is a must have option for people travelling abroad on a regular basis. If you require any health services, do not push it back. Obtain a quote from us today and complete all your requirements with ease and convenience. We provide fast service, showcasing the benefits you can obtain via utilizing our services at a budget friendly price point.

You could be wondering whether you would be receiving a premium following a purchase of a health insurance. Such a thought process would hinder your health as it prevents you from obtaining the essential health care you require as you are focuses on the premium  you obtain. Your personal health trumps everything, hence place special attention on your health and obtain a plan from Health Insurance Singapore.

Should Purchase Plans From a Global Health Insurance Firm?


Obtaining a health insurance from an international firm is paramount as it ensure their expertise, reliability and professionalism. Your cover and the protection granted under the scheme would be handled with greatest degree of professionalism for the development of the firm.  When interacting with an international health insurance firm such as ours, we would ensure that you are receiving premium level services from the most experienced personnel in the field with an international reach.

This puts our firm at a unique position and sets us apart from our competition, our history of service and efficiency of service is ensured. Since we are a global firm, you can rest be assured that we would be providing you with the best possible care throughout the course of time, unlike other institution which are unreliable and cannot be trusted.

Now is the perfect time to get in touch with Health Insurance Singapore to plan your future as it is normal to start falling ill as you slowly get older. There are two ways to obtain your insurance claims from us. One being you make a payment initially, then obtain your payment at a later day. In the case of the second option, you would obtain treatment without incurring any fee and the outstanding bills would be settled by the insurance provider.

Medical International is a premium health insurance provider offering the most comprehensive health care coverage. The services provided by us are most suited for the clients and are much better than what is offered by our competitors. We proudly possess a history dating back four decades offering insurance solutions. Get in touch with us and a professional would take care of all your requirements.

We provide tailored solutions which are most apt for your requirements and also to your family’s needs irrespective of the fact whether you are a local or a foreigner. We are concerned with your health as well as your loved ones.

Worldwide Plan Quote

We are a global insurance company providing world class insurance cover for you and your family. You can be sure our services are excellence. When you start dealing with us, you will discover that our quotes are worldwide acceptable and very affordable when compared to others across the world. Our services are also presented in different languages showing our eagerness to communicate to you in your best language. Contact us for an excellent service now.

Work With a Trustworthy Team

The team of trustworthy professionals at Medical International is the best to provide excellent and reliable Health Insurance Singapore to the best of your interest. We always offer great quality and value for your money with the well-tailored services presented. Just employ our services for durable insurance coverage.

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