Group Health Insurance

A Group health insurance plan is a scheme which offers protection to all members of the staff or the employees under the organization. Implementation of such an insurance scheme is advantageous to all parties, whether in Singapore or anywhere in the world. Medical international, we offer plans to cater to companies of all sizes in order to protect them comprehensively which includes their loved ones also. The Group health insurance plan is customized to according your corporate requirements for different employees and is different to conventional plans as it can be applied for pre-existing medical conditions as well. You can finally be at peace knowing that medical bills in the form of hospitalizations, surgeries and dialysis would not have to be borne by you.

Various Corporate Health Insurance Schemes

Any organization has the ability to offer Group Insurance policy to their respective staff members. A group insurance scheme, according to your requirements, could provide protection to the family members of their employees also. The Group Insurance package offered by this particular company provides the ability to customize the package as per the organizations requirements. These plans confer comprehensive coverage against pre-existing medical conditions as well. This package is inclusive of any cost incurred during hospitalization, doctor's fees, and fees for kidney dialysis together with cancer care as well.

A Group health insurance plan is a scheme which offers protection to all members of the staff or the employees under the organization. Such plans assists to provide comprehensive coverage to all members of staff. The plan offers protection for existing medical conditions. The coverage is inclusive of the following costs.

  • Fees incurred during hospitalization

  • Consultation fees of doctor

  • Dialysis charges

  • Cancer care charges


We provide services for the following sectors,

  • International school

  • Shipping services

  • Mining and land exploration

  • Oil and petroleum industry

  • Maritime sailing


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We are more than willing to assist you to have a thorough understanding of the advantages of employees' health benefits, consultation of hospitals and expert doctors within our network. We would provide you with a tailored plan which is within your budget.

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Our health insurance packages provide coverage not just for the employees and their families but also to the company as a whole. You would be offered a staggering 70% discount on the purchase of a health insurance. Through the assistance of our insurers who are acclaimed by international health insurance providers, you can rest at ease knowing that you are being well protected at all times.

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