Dental Insurance

Dental service is quite expensive worldwide; same is the case in Singapore. Health issues cannot be over looked and we pay frequent visit to the dentists despite higher costs. We have a comprehensive insurance plan which also covers dental health, and you can do the comparison! The dental problem can rapidly spread and affect nearby structures. Allianz offers regular check-ups in order to diagnose any problem at its earlier stages, and the treatment will be started following the diagnosis. The comprehensive package also covers getting appointments and check-ups. Such scheme will keep you away from any imminent issue.

There are several dental health schemes, but a clear idea of a plan and its coverage is necessary to save yourself from paying extra money. 

Dental health insurance covers dental treatment 24/7, no matter wherever you are in the whole wide world.

Main coverage:

Preventive Dental Care Coverage

Basic Dental Care Coverage

Coverage Dental Care Complex

Dentures Care Coverage


Dental Services Covered by Our Global Health Insurance Plan

In order to keep anything intact, it needs maintenance. Dental care is necessary for even a healthy dental condition, just to keep you unharmed from any imminent problem. That is the first line of defense against any dental problem.

Either it is cavity or pain, filling or crowning; the innovative revitalizing treatments can naturally cure and restore the overall health of your teeth.

The basic surgical measures include extraction of teeth in addition to facilitation and operation on gum diseases. The list of surgical measures extends to the most complex procedures as well. Contact us to know which can be covered in your insurance plan.

Some of the dental coverage of our comprehensive health insurance plans:

Maintenance Care – Routine dental treatment and cleaning prevent imminent oral problems.

Restorative treatment - Filings and crowning to bring back the natural health of teeth.

 Surgical procedure – Basics include extraction, filings, crowning and operation for gum disease to most complex procedures. 

Our health insurance plans can cover these in full. To learn more, do not hesitate to contact us.

Dental Insurance Coverage - with Deductibles


Deductibles can be selected for reductions on prices of premium plan. So, before the dental coverage is used, you just have to pay a small part of your annual dental insurance plan.

Dental Plans Waiting Period & Generous Limits

Generally in health insurance, you cannot upgrade your plan because of limitations. However, Medical international provide plans that have extended limits, and always ready to value-add or deduct services from your plan. Every client needs the best quality of health service, and we try our best to make sure that they get it. Such levels of customization in plans inspire the quality of health services that you receive.

“No waiting time” is a great aspect of the service; you don’t have to line up in long queues for check-up or treatment.

Best Health Insurance

Get affordable regular checkups and health treatments by specialists in our health insurance plan. You can tailor your plan anytime and add up optical or physical coverage from our extensive list of insurance coverage plan. We will be happy to oblige.
Foreigners and travellers should obtain international health insurance plan. The benefits of such a plan are extensive and comprehensive. People always look for comprehensive health insurance and protection plans that cover up extensive services. If you desire peace of mind, then you must get Health Insurance today!

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