Cigna Health Insurance Coverage

Cigna Global is a revolutionary international health insurance company located in the United Kingdom. Cigna provides a comprehensive coverage all over the world. Whether you are in Singapore or any other part of the world, Cigna will provide you the protection you need.

Therefore, expats and frequent travellers can get ultimate benefit from Cigna’s comprehensive plans. Moreover, Cigna ensures that every member is protected and covered regardless of their circumstances.


Cigna Global has a proven history of stellar performance in two successful centuries, where it established its stellar reputation and excellently performed by providing families and individuals with a health insurance to live a healthy and happy life. As the Cigna became eminent and developing; its health care protection was offered to an international level and satisfied over 92-million people with their plans in 210 countries.


Competitiveness of Cigna in Health Insurance

Cigna Global health protection plan offers the most complete and exceptional health care package; a Comprehensive Plan, in which health care protection is provided to you regardless of your location. The customized plans are also available, which includes psychiatric care, premium level of multi-language customer service and option to select deductibles.


​Cigna Insurance Plan

Cigna is a pioneer in international health insurances and offer its services to expats worldwide. We provide comprehensive coverage to you no matter wherever you are. We have a team of highly experienced insurance specialists who are inspired to assist you at every step in the process of insurance selection.  


Get a quote today, so that you and your family may reap the benefits of health insurance provided by Cigna Global.

You can certainly rely on Cigna’s comprehensive cover. We are renowned and experienced in the field of health insurance and have assisted our members in every walk of life.


If you wish to be covered in a certain location, then luckily, Cigna also offers plans that are according to the local rules and regulations. We make sure that you are getting the optimum level of services and customer satisfaction. Our offered services are designed to make your life healthy by giving you the access to health care wherever you are.


Call us now, get information and obtain a quote to know more about Cigna health insurance plans

Obtain our comprehensive international health insurance coverage with minimal requirements.

By obtaining a Cigna plan; you will have access to a range of medical services in first-class health care facilities, which makes sure an exceptional care with the help of top medical experts.


Manage, as well as provide your claims with a single click on our online portal. It also allows you to access our exceptional customer service.


Cigna is renowned because of its extraordinary transparency and commitment towards creating goodwill amongst its customers.


Benefits of Cigna Global

Day-treatments in Cigna Global Health Plans include hospitalization and consultation with expert doctors without getting admitted. Along with that; you also get below mentioned allocations:

  • Coverage during pregnancy

  • Premium benefits

  • Evacuation during emergencies

  • Routine medical check-ups Dental care

  • Medications

  • Ophthalmological care


The tailored plans of Cigna ensure that you are protected globally.

​3-level health care by Cigna

Each of these plans includes:

  • Oncological treatment

  • Surgical care

  • Hospitalization (Elective or else)

  • Any complex treatment (in-patient or out-patient)


Cigna Global Health Insurance Plan’s comprehensive coverage consist exceptional benefits. Generous benefits will be provided to you regardless of everywhere you are. Our special emphasis is on your financial requirements prior to provide a quotation. We make sure that you are well-covered under your budget.


Get a quote from us now!

​​Cigna offers a complete range of health insurance coverage to organizations, families, and individuals as well. The main factor of our plans that makes them competitive is; exceptional benefits and an assortment of add-ons. Hence, you can obtain the optimal plan and service under your budget. We put great emphasis on your financial condition before sharing a quote, so that you can get ultimate health care in a budget.

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Cigna Policy Benefits


- Hospitalization
- Family doctor

- Prescribed Medicines

- Various health checks
- Maternity, dental, optical

- Pre existing conditions



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