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Aetna is a Singapore-based worldwide health insurance company. They are offering numerous schemes of health insurances globally. The aim of Aetna is to provide the high-quality health services; regardless of what your country is or where you live. Currently, Aetna international health insurance has a solid customer base of more than 650,000 customers all over the world. Aetna succeeded to be a promoter for the improvement of high-quality infrastructure in healthcare insurance industry.

Insurance with Aetna

It needs careful consideration in selection of the suitable medical coverage scheme for you, your family members or personnel. The scheme must cover all aspects regarding your health irrespective of your location.


Aetna offers plans that are customized according to your requirements of health and financial situations. The fee will be charged according to the location and nationality. The basic plan can be extensively upgraded, which may include insurances for;-



Dental and Optical disease




You can easily contact us for more information or assistance to pick up the most suitable plan.

About Aetna International


Aetna is one of the best health insurance provider worldwide and is listed amongst Fortune-100 organizations in the US. Aetna’s main purpose is to make our world a place with adequate health facilities. They are perfect choice of health insurance for you and your family. You can get premium-quality medical care in Singapore or worldwide; since Aetna is associated with international healthcare organizations. It offers most suitably superior healthcare plans that fulfil your requirements. Aetna’s main concern and high oblige is your health.  Aetna is one of the best insurer on which a person can have a full confidence. You can easily contact us. There are emergency hotlines that are available 24/7. Aetna is a renowned organization, known for its best healthcare insurance plans. The opportunity is waiting for you. Get a quote right away.

Aetna has more than 160 years of immense experience in worldwide medical care industry. As years passed; they were recognised and awarded globally for its impressive services. You are protected in every condition and at any location.


Legacy of Aetna


The Aetna international took its start in early 1850’s. Primarily, it first took its start as a life insurance company. By the end of 1980’s, it was very much developed and  started to be recognised as one of the pioneer US-based companies which understood the value of health insurance. They were amongst one of the pioneers, who started providing services of international health insurance to emigrants. It is known for its incredible health insurance and for its great customer support services. Aetna values originality, morality, and leadership in business with non-stop progress in services and collaborative culture.

Aetna international is amongst leading organizations when it comes to health insurance in Singapore or worldwide; as stated by Current World Standards. The number of medical care experts and specialists are in millions, who accommodate around 40-million people around the world. Your health is their top priority. You will have positive feelings about your health.

Aetna Benefits:


International medical facilities will be assisting you in your health insurance services of Aetna international. You can have Aetna’s services; they are available throughout the world.
International medical facilities will give you assistance regarding health insurance services of Aetna International. You can obtains Aetna’s services anywhere in the world. 


Aetna’s medical service offers:
The medical service covers:


⦁    General health check-up

⦁    Medicines
⦁    Family doctor

⦁    Hospital treatments

⦁    Dental

⦁    Pregnancy
⦁    Out-patient
⦁    Pre-existing conditions
⦁    Optical


Especially to expats; Aetna international offers an assortment of choices and extra-coverage in health insurance plans, which can be customized according to your needs, and contains added facilities that are;

⦁    Overall health checks
⦁    Medical evaluation
⦁    Pregnancy checks



You can easily contact the remarkable customer support service 24/7 on our hotlines. This is considered as additional benefit other than plain health insurance services.


Aetna has its own medical specialists with incredible knowledge. People, who have severe disease can have appointment and get assistance to know more about helpful resources. These specialists are trained to deal with any kind of emergencies from start to end.

Health Plans of Aetna


They provide personalized insurance plans that would perfectly fulfil your requirements and resources. Aetna provides the best medical care in the world with the help of medical international.

What Aetna Offers:


⦁    Mobile application to manage plans
⦁    Online conversation with internal experts
⦁    Online form submission & payment system

⦁    24/7 call service & email


Aetna has about 1-million highly satisfied clients because of the incredible services they provide. The list of facilities can be found in local directory. We want to tell you that we are always there for you; no matter where you go. We make your traveling safe and easier.

​​Advantages of Aetna Global and Singapore


The increasing costs of health care are distressing people. Sudden health problems can create huge loss of savings straightaway. You can save yourself from these costs by adopting a health insurance plan.

Medical international is always ready to offer its assistance, so that you can clearly see through the options available and can choose which suits your need at its best.


Aetna also provides;-

⦁    Personalized plans
⦁    Quick-access to numerous healthcare facilities worldwide
⦁    Multi-languages customer service


We succeeded to gain significant growth with thoughtful risk calculations and capital management.


Discover the amazing benefits of having insurance with Aetna for you; your family or employees. Aetna is amongst the pioneers and experienced healthcare insurance organizations in the whole world with promising track record of more than 150 years. We thoroughly understand needs of our clients and provide careful management of routine check-ups to all the hospitalized treatments.


Get a quote from us and live happily with sound health. Our experienced staff is always ready to render services in spite of user-friendly mobile application which manages your Aetna Plan.

When we receive queries, we sought the suitable plan which is according to the requirements and budget of a client. You give our clients the freedom to view the overall costs of the whole plan. We put our utmost efforts to fulfil your own health goals. This is of course our main obligation and high-priority being a leading healthcare organization.

Customised plan to fulfil your needs according to your budget;

Step 1 - Choose a basic plan
Step 2 - Choose extra benefits
Step 3 - Decide deductibles

Insurance Partners

Aetna Coverage:

- Hospitalization
- Family doctor

- Prescribed Medicines

- Various health checks
- Maternity, dental, optical

- Pre existing conditions



Enquiries & Claims
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(+65) 6551 2862
Mobile or WhatsApp: 
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