Aetna International Health Insurance

Aetna is an international insurance company based in Singapore; offers numerous health insurance schemes throughout the world. The sole purpose of Aetna is to take care of your health irrespective of your nationality or place of residing. Presently, Aetna has a strong customer base of more than 650,000 customers worldwide. Aetna has managed to be a catalyst in the development of premium infrastructure in healthcare insurance.

Insurance with Aetna

It needs careful consideration in selection of the suitable medical coverage scheme for you, your family members or personnel. The scheme must cover all aspects regarding your health irrespective of your location.

Aetna provides customized plans which can fulfill your health requirements and financial ability. The premium will be charged according to the nationality and place of residing. The basic health plan can be upgraded extensively, which may incorporate insurance for;-

⦁    Cancer
⦁    Evacuation
⦁    Repatriation
⦁    Dental and Optical disease
⦁    Pregnancy

You can freely contact us for further information and assistance in order to select best plan.

About Aetna International

Aetna is among the best health insurance provider throughout the world. It is listed in the Fortune-100 organizations in US. The sole purpose of Aetna is to make world a health sufficient place. They are the best choice for you and your family regarding health insurance. You can receive top-notch medical care within Singapore or anywhere in the world; because Aetna has association with international health care organizations. It candidly provides superior healthcare by offering extraordinary plans that are according to your needs. The main objective and top most priority of Aetna is to take care of your health. The support service is available 24/7 in 170 dialects to comprehend and resolve any query. Whenever you visit a foreign country, Aetna will be there for your health care. It is a finest insurer on which you can totally depend upon. You can freely contact us irrespective of the health plan you have chosen. There are hotlines for emergencies. Aetna is well-known organization for its best insurance plans. The opportunity awaits, get a quote now.

Aetna offers 160+ years of extensive experience in global medicinal care. Over the years, they have been acknowledged and awarded with global awards for its prestigious services. Regardless of location or emergencies, Aetna will provide the support. You will be in safe hands in any case, no matter wherever you are!

Aetna Heritage

Aetna international started from as early as 1850. Initially, It was started as a life insurance company. By 1980’s, it developed itself and became recognized amongst the first few companies of US to become conscious of the importance of health insurance. They were amongst the pioneers, who offer international health insurance services for expatriates. It is renowned for its remarkable health insurance and customer support services. Aetna acknowledges creativity, honesty and business leadership by continuous improvement in services and shared culture.

According to current the world standards; Aetna International is one of the leading organizations in terms of health insurance within Singapore as well as abroad. The membership of medical experts and specialists extend to millions, who cater almost 40 million individuals throughout the world. Your health concern is of the highest priority to them. You will feel positive about your health. 

Aetna Benefits:

International medical facilities will give you assistance regarding health insurance services of Aetna International. You can obtains Aetna’s services anywhere in the world. 

The medical service covers:

⦁    Hospital treatments
⦁    Family doctor
⦁    Out-patient
⦁    Medicines
⦁    Optical
⦁    Dental
⦁    Pregnancy
⦁    General health check-up
⦁    Pre-existing conditions

Essentially for expatriates, Aetna International offers wide range of options and added coverage in plans, which are customized to the needs and are rewarded with extra benefits that include:

⦁    Medical evaluation
⦁    Pregnancy checks
⦁    Overall health checks

You can freely access our greater customer support for 24/7 on hotlines. This goes an extra mile excluding health Insurance services. 

Aetna has its own experts with immense experience. The members with chronic illness can obtain one-to-one assistance to find helpful resources. These experts are able handle the emergencies from start to finish.

Aetna Health Plans

The offer customized insurance plans to suit your needs and resources. Aetna provides best medical care in association with Medical International.

Aetna offers:

⦁    24/7 call service & email
⦁    Online conversation with internal experts
⦁    Mobile application to manage plans
⦁    Online form submission & payment system

There are almost one-million satisfied clients because of the way services are rendered. The facilities can be search from local directory. As clearly pointed out, we are there for you wherever you go! It makes traveling easier.

Aetna Singapore & Worldwide Advantages

The ever increasing health care costs are affecting people’s lives. Unexpected health problems can be consequent to loss of savings instantly. This can be avoided by health insurance plan. 

Get assistance at Medical international and choose the best possible option for you and your family. 
Aetna also provides;-

⦁    Assistance in multiple languages
⦁    Immediate access to various healthcare facilities worldwide
⦁    Customized plans

We have managed to obtain substantial growth with carefully thought-out risks and capital management.

Discover the benefits of getting insurance from Aetna for yourself, your family or your employees. Aetna is one of experienced healthcare insurance organizations in the world with proven track record of over 150 years. We competently comprehend the requirements of clients and offer superior handling starting from simple routine checkups to overall hospitalized treatments.
Get a quote from us and live your life in high spirits and better health. The highly experienced staff is always at your service despite the user-friendly Mobile application to manage your Aetna plan.

Once the query is received, we manage to offer best sought out plan, considering the needs and the budget of the client. You will have the privileges to view the plan costs. We endeavor for the attainment of your personal health goals. This is our responsibility and top-notch priority as a leading healthcare organization.

Customized plan to meet your requirements at your budget:
Step 1 - Choose a base Aetna Plan
Step 2 – Decide the additional benefits options
Step 3 – Finally decide your deductible option

Insurance Partners

Aetna Coverage:

- Hospitalization
- Family doctor

- Prescribed Medicines

- Various health checks
- Maternity, dental, optical

- Pre existing conditions



Enquiries & Claims

Office Telephone: 65-66531217
Mobile or WhatsApp: 65-87823017
Asia Call Centre: (632) 792 9592
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